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Our Vision and Ethos

We aim to be a school that is loved; loved by its students for the engaging and inspiring educations they receive, loved by parents for the happy and confident girls that come home each evening, by our teachers and staff for the rewarding careers we offer, and by the wider community for the positive contribution our school and its pupils make to the community.

I am proud to be the first Headmistress of Bedford Girls’ School; it is a remarkable place to learn. We seek to provide your daughter with an exceptional education through our following objectives:

Our girls are our heart

Their success is our success. Every girl is valued, we take each girl from good to great by providing the opportunities, the inspiration and the support to enable them to celebrate their individuality and talents.    

Striving for Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do, supporting and challenging our girls and our staff to always do their best. We teach our girls to reflect and learn from set-backs and to always aim high.

Developing all aspects of our girls

We do not define our success purely on academic results. We aim to develop girls who are free thinkers, open minded, lifelong-learners, compassionate, principled and confident.  

Building a future inspired connected community   

We aim to be a community which inspires people to come together. We will always be a community at the forefront of educational pedagogical thinking, we embrace technology advancement but still value tradition. We welcome aspirational and talented girls and staff to our community, and maintain strong relationships with our Alumnae and parents. We want our girls to have a global outlook and to be inspired to make changes to the world around them.

Ethos and Values

We are a future inspired school, developing the skills and attributes that our pupils will need, to be self-confident young women, making a difference to the world in which they live.

Our students are at the centre of all we do. We provide an environment where girls feel safe to assert their opinions, step out of their comfort zones and have a high level of self-respect, as well as being respectful and kind to others. We encourage their assertiveness and build their resilience, as well as giving them the confidence to ask for support and guidance.

We encourage girls to embrace failure, to see it as a step towards greater achievements. Girls are taught to reflect on their personal qualities and achievements as well as celebrating those of others in our community. We inspire them to work towards their ambitions to reach their true potential.

To this end our values can be simply articulated – they can be summed up in three words; but they are deeply embedded in everything we do as a community.

We continually aim for our school community to be:




You can witness our values in practice in the classroom and amongst our staff, parents and alumnae. These Values drive us forward to achieve our vision and to prepare our girls to face, with confidence, all of the challenges and opportunities of the wider world.  


Miss Jo MacKenzie   


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