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Inspection Reports

The Governors and Headmistress of Bedford Girls’ School are exceptionally pleased with the School’s first Independent Schools Inspection in the Spring Term 2015. 

2015 ISI Inspection Report

The report is excellent and full of praise for what we do. To receive such high accolades as a new school is extraordinary and forms a benchmark, from which Bedford Girls’ School will continue to grow and excel. 

In summary the inspectors concluded: 

“The School is highly successful in meeting its aims to challenge pupils to achieve their personal best, through imaginative and reflective practice in a safe environment where strength, resilience and confidence are encouraged. Pupils indicate great loyalty towards, and great pride in, their School and the values it holds."

“The Board of Governors, together with the Senior Leadership Team, has enabled the new school to make very effective progress over a relatively short period of time. A clear ethos and sense of purpose are evident throughout; the pupils already have a strong understanding of the School’s aims and are very proud of their School.”

Highlights include:

Teaching and learning

•    “Much excellent teaching was observed.” 
•    “Teachers know their pupils very well, giving generously of their time to help individuals’ learning through extra support outside the classroom. These strong relationships which exist between staff and pupils provide excellent levels of communication, to ensure that all pupils feel supported fully in their learning.” 
•    “Staff value kindness and good manners extremely highly and lead by example” which enable pupils to demonstrate “high levels of subject knowledge and understanding, and display excellent literacy skills. Pupils write accurately and develop coherent and often sophisticated arguments in their essays.”  
•    “An excellent range of GCSEs and International GCSEs is offered, including three separate sciences. Pupils benefit greatly from a comprehensive PSHE programme that includes excellent careers advice. Both A-level and IB courses are offered in the Sixth Form, and great care is taken to ensure that pupils choose courses best suited to their abilities and career aspirations.” 
•    “In the senior school, inspection evidence also indicates that the pupils’ attainment is good, with many pupils achieving a high level.” 

Pupil attributes and personal development 

•    “Pupils throughout the school including Sixth Form, experience a broad and balanced curriculum and have excellent learning attributes.” 
•    “Pupils’ attitudes towards their learning are excellent throughout the school. In lessons they settle to work quickly, show excellent behaviour, listen attentively and maintain their concentration well.”  
•    “Pupils develop a strong sense of personal worth and self-esteem. They are reflective, emotionally mature and sensitive to the world around them.” 
•    “Across the school pupils show great respect and concern for each other and value one another’s individuality.”

Co-curricular and pastoral care 

•    “Pupils achievements in sport and other extra-curricular activities is excellent, with much that is outstanding.” 
•    “The high standard of provision is fully in line with the aims of the school in challenging pupils to achieve their personal best, through imaginative and reflective practise.”  
•    “The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent.”
•    “The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent.” 
•    “Provision for the pupils’ welfare, health and safety is excellent, creating a safe environment for pupils.” 
Management of school and community

•    “The quality of governance is excellent.” 
•    “The senior leadership team’s approach has been particularly successful in conveying to staff, parents and pupils a vision of a new school, whose aim to develop confidence, imagination, reflection and resilience in its pupils is very clear.”   
•    “The school has formed excellent partnerships with parents.” 

Bedford Girls' School Integrated Inspection Report

Compliance Report 2017

As part of the new ISI inspection routine all schools will receive a Compliance Only Inspection. The Compliance Only Inspection report is brief and only comments on whether the school meets the standards or not. To meet the standard of quality of education provided, the spiritual and moral development of the pupils and the quality of leadership the school has to demonstrate as a minimum of good. We are pleased to have met all standards across all areas reviewed.

Bedford Girls' School Compliance Report

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