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The strength of a school is firmly built upon the quality and commitment of its staff. At Bedford Girls' School we are rightly proud of our school team. From our Heads of Department to our Catering Manager and Grounds Staff, each individual has a vital role to play in every pupil's learning journey.

As educators, we have immense responsibility to each individual and to our future society. To ensure our team is prepared and well supported we have a clear appraisal system and continuing professional development programme. Our Horizon Hour provides our staff with an opportunity to keep at the forefront of their subject, and ensures that like our pupils, they remain continuous learners.

One of the benefits of being a member of The Harpur Trust is that our staff are able to share ideas, experience and best practice with counterparts across the Charity, feeding into and enhancing the overall experience at Bedford Girls' School.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Miss J MacKenzie BSc, MSc

Deputy Head Mr T Hill MA, BA

Bursar Mr J-M Hodgkin BSc, FCA, FSI, ACIS, DChA, MEd

Assistant Head Mrs K Jones BSc, MEd

Assistant Head Mrs N Keeler BSc

Assistant Head Mrs S Mason Patel BA

Assistant Head Ms E Teale BSc

Head of Junior School Mrs C Howe BA

Director of Sixth Form Dr J Walters

Pastoral Care Team

Assistant Head Ms E Teale BSc

Head of Sixth Form Mrs A Goodman, BEd


Head of Years 10 and 11 Mrs J Wilkins BA

Assistant Head of Years 10 and 11 Miss Z Gray BSc

Head of Years 9 Mrs K Cruse BA

Head of Years 7 and 8 Mrs F Clements BSc

Assistant Head of Years 7 and 8 Mrs E Gardner BSc


Heads of House

Mrs B Tarrant BSc

Mr O Hertout DEUG, Licence Amiens

Mrs V Mason-Macleod BSc

Miss K Nelson BA

Mr R Jeffryes BSc

Mr M Mason-Macleod BA

Senior School Departments

Director of Digital Strategy Mr J Potter BA, MA

Director of International Baccalaureate Dr J Walters 

Head of Careers Mr P Jones MRSC, MBA

Head of PSHE Mrs A Lang BA

Head of Learning Support Mr T Williams BA

Academic Support Tutor Mr P Ellis

Challenge and Extend Co-ordinator Mrs C Hoar BA

Eco Co-ordinator Mrs N Morgan

Art and Technology Mrs C Lugsden BA, MA


Miss K Nelson BA

Mrs R Smith BA

Design Technology Mrs S Hill MA, BA

Mrs A Goodman BEd

Miss K Maher BA 

Mrs J Wilkins BA

Food and Nutrition Miss A King BSc 

Textiles Mrs J Brearley BEd, BA

Miss K Maher BA

Miss K Nelson BA 

Classics Miss C Brice BA

Mrs C Everitt BA

Mrs S Mason Patel BA 

Mr C Stretton MA, MSc

Dance and Drama Mrs C Howe BA

Mrs A Lang BA

Mrs V Redford LLAM

Mrs S Winter BEd

Miss L Bream LCDD Dip, AISTD Dip, CDE

Economics and Business Studies Mrs P Hooley LLB

Mrs R Thrower BSc, MSc

English Mrs C Hopkins BEd

Mrs C Barrett BA, MSc

Mrs R Cassell BA

Mrs C Everitt BA

Mrs C Hoar BA 

Mrs S Mason-Patel BA

Mrs E Smart BA

Dr J Walters 

Geography Mrs D Whiteley BSc 

Mrs S McPhail BA

Mrs K Page BSc

Mr A Thurston BA

History and Politics  Mrs L Sadler BA

Mrs K Cruse BA

Mrs G Greenwood BA 

Mrs L O’Cleirigh BA, MA 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs A Helm BA, MA, DESS  

French Mrs A Helm BA, MA, DESS

Mrs D Arrowsmith MA

Mr O Hertout DEUG, Licence Amiens

Mrs R Hosking BA, PGCE

Miss G Stuart BA

French Foreign Language Assistant Mr M Maes  

German Mrs C Lessig MA

Mrs D Arrowsmith MA 

German Foreign Language Assistant Miss N Schuster

Spanish Mrs M Gomez-Alonso Licenciàda en Filologia Inglesa

Ms R Moral MA

Mrs R Fudger Gálvez BA

Ms M Fernandez-Giganto BA

Spanish Foreign Language Assistant 

Miss K Nelson BA 

Mathematics Mr A Palmer MSc

Mrs G Hubbard BSc

Dr K Dwamena MSc, PhD

Mrs M Ellwood BSc

Mrs E Gardner BSc

Miss G Greig BSc 

Mrs C Gribben BSc

Mr R Jeffryes BSc

Mrs K Jones BSc, MEd

Mrs L Longstaff BEng

Mrs C Patel MSc

Music Miss J Turner GRNCM, PPRNCM, PGdipGSMD 

Mrs H Parsons MMus BA

Mr B Atkins BA

Mrs J McKinnell MA

Physical Education Mrs J Axford BA Ed

Miss S Bentley BSc

Miss J Durgin BA 

Miss Z Gray BSc

Miss C Higginson BA

Mrs N Howlett BA, BEd 

Mrs R Lombaard BBA

Mr M Mason-McLeod BA

Mrs V Mason-McLeod BSc

Mrs P Milton BEd

Mrs B Tarrant BSc

Philosophy & Religion Mrs E Pagliaro BEd

Mrs J Ackroyd BA

Mrs G Greenwood BA

Mrs P Harrold BA, MA

Science Mrs E Smart BSc, MEd 

Biology Mrs M Wathen BSc

Miss H Dawson BSc

Mrs S Jenkin BSc

Miss D Patel BSc 

Ms E Teale BSc

Mrs H Woolley BA 

Chemistry Dr H Gates

Dr A Clewlow

Mrs R Houghton MA

Mr P Jones

Physics Mr O Bowden BEng

Mrs F Clements BSc

Dr A Clewlow

Mrs A Goodman BTEC, BEd

Mrs S Hill MA, BA

Mrs N Keeler BSc


Mrs P Harrold BA

Mrs A Lang BA

Theory of Knowledge

Mrs C Everitt BA 

Additional Responsibilities

Charities and CAS Co-ordinator Miss H Dawson BSc

Oxbridge Co-ordinator Mrs C Everitt BA

Head of Speech and Drama Mrs V Redford LLAM

Junior School Teaching Staff

Head of the Junior School Mrs C Howe BA

Deputy Head of the Junior School Mrs T Copp (Maths Co-ordinator) BA

Head of Year 3 Mrs C Martin (Science Co-ordinator) BA

Head of Year 4 Mrs H Schofield BA

Head of Year 5 Mrs K Whomsley BA

Head of Year 6 Mrs N Childs BSc (Eco Schools and Sustainability Co-ordinator)

Class Teachers

Miss N Arnold (PSHE and Charities Co-ordinator) BA

Mrs Rachel Baker BA

Mrs T Button

Miss H Crawford-Smith BEd (ICT Co-ordinator)

Miss H Coote BA 

Miss J Fisher BA

Mrs D Inkson BSc

Mrs K Potter BSc

Mrs J Thomas BEd (Humanities Co-ordinator

Mrs P Woodhouse BEd (English Co-ordinator)

Visiting Staff

Visiting Music Teachers

Mr L Arnold (Drum Kit and Percussion)

Miss E Attwood, BA, LRAM, ARCM, FTCL, FLCM, Professional Cert RAM (Cello, Piano)

Mrs L Bagnall MA (Cantab.) (Singing)

Mrs L Banning CT ABRSM, DIP ABRSM Piano Teaching, DIP ABRSM Piano Performance (Piano and Theory) 

Mr A Boynton BA, FRCO, ARCM, LRAM, FTCL, CHM, ADCM  (Piano)

Mrs L Brazel ABRSM (Clarinet & Saxophone)

Mrs A Davies GLCM, LLCM (TD) (Theory, Flute, Recorder & Piano) 

Mr P Davies ALCM, ONC, HNC (Guitar)

Mrs M Favell-Wright BA PGAdvDip RCM (Double Bass)

Mr M Gemmill MA (Violin & Viola)

Mr S Goble BMus (Brass)

Mrs E Howard ARCM, Dip RCM (Flute)

Mrs C John GRSM, RCM, ARCM, LRAM, MTC (Clarinet, Piano & Theory)

Mr A Karpeev (Piano)

Miss E Lewis BA MMus (voice) (Singing)

Mr A McPhee (Singing)

Mrs F Meakins BMus, ABRSM (Harp)

Mr J Metzger BMus, GCSMD, Dip Lic (Cello)

Ms R Middleton BMus (Singing)

Mrs H Palmer FTCL, GTCL, LTCL (Oboe, Piano & Recorder)

Mrs R Thompson BMus, ARCM, LRAM (Violin & Viola)

Miss A Tweedale MMus BMus (Singing)

Mrs D Williams BA, ATCL (Violin & Singing)

Visiting Speech & Drama Teachers

Mrs V Redford LLAM, MSTSD

Miss D Burns LLAM

Ms Jenaya Smith MA, BA, LLAM

Visiting Dance Teachers

Miss H Dennis LRAD

Mrs K Power BA, AISTD

Mrs E Richardson BA, AISTD

Junior School Support Staff

Junior School Manager and PA to the Head of the Junior School Mrs C Thorpe

Administrator Mrs L Cavener

Receptionist Mrs C Eagles

Classroom Assistants

Mrs S Jones

Mrs G Thompson

Mrs D Savage

General Assistants

Mrs E Beckett

Miss J Garner

Mrs L Green


Support Staff

PA to the Headmistress and Deputy Head Miss K Green

Assistant Heads’ PA Ms K Thompson 

Accounts Manager Mrs D Orbell

Accounts Assistant Mrs K Crossland

Accounts Assistant Miss A Diebold

Careers Assistant Mrs E Fox BA, MSc

Examinations Manager Mrs L Smith

Executive Head Chef Mr S Skipper

Sous Chefs

Mr S Clark

Mr D Jones 

Chefs de Partie

Mrs S Trainer

Mrs D Traisneau

Commis Chefs

Miss J Garner

Mrs L Green

Mrs A Langley

Miss E Rostkowska 

Front of House Supervisor Mrs L Jackson

Catering Assistants

Mrs B Gaddu

Mrs D Jackson

Mrs S Masih

Mrs S Molloy

Mr G Ramunni 

Mrs R Ruffhead

Miss N Tobin

Emma Walker

Kitchen Porter Mr V Mankrelis

Educational Visits Co-ordinator Mr M Worth

Estates and Facilities Managers

Head Groundsman Miss L Boston


Mr A Frizzell

Mr B Phelps

Premises Assistants

Mr G Burkett

Mr K Endersby

Mr R Hill

Mr K Ruff

Mr P Wright

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Manager Mr P Ellis

Director of Marketing, Admissions and Development Mrs J Trobe

Admissions Managers

Mrs S Ashby

Mrs M Habershon (Maternity Leave)

Miss K Green (Maternity Cover)

Marketing Executive Mr S Mall

Admissions and Development Officer Mrs E Mackenzie

Admissions and Development Assistant Mrs J Taylor

Human Resources Adviser Mrs D Morrison BA, CIPD

Human Resources Assistant Mrs R Finch LLB

Human Resources Assistant Mrs N Read BA, CIPD

IT Manager Mr M Rumfitt

Systems Support Engineer Mr J Keating

Mobile Device Technician Mr G Howson

IT/AV Technician Mr S Whitney

IT Technician 

Digital Design Creator Ms K Davies

Learning and Resource Centre Manager Mrs K Lawrence

Learning Resources Assistants

Mrs S Jhall

Mrs S Spong

Music Administrator Mr M Worth

Office Team

Mrs L Cavener

Mrs J Damon

Mrs C Eagles  

Mrs L Hawkins

Mrs J Robison-May

Miss S Symmonds

Miss R Vassallo

Mrs P Walker

Miss K Zwetsloot

Pool Manager Mr E Castro

Head of Netball Miss J Huckle

Director of Rowing Mr M Wells

Head Rowing Coach Craig Ward

Graduate Rowing Coach Mr J Hyder

Sports Coaches

Hockey Mr M Mason-McLeod, Miss E Dickson, Miss A Sadler 

Lacrosse Mrs L Mills

Netball Miss R Guttridge

Swimming Mr E Castro

Rowing Miss E Harris

Water Polo Mrs C Boast

PE Administrator Mrs S Bullerwell

Project Support Officer Mrs N Morgan

School Nursing Manager Mrs L Ensor-Clinch RGN

School Nurses

Mrs H Clifton

Mrs M Lenehan 


Art and Design Technology Technician Mrs J Smedley

Design Technology Technician Mr C Grassi

Drama Costume Maker Miss C Gardner 

Drama Theatre and Events Technician Miss E Elsom

Drama Support Technician Mr M Howe

Food Technology Technician

Mrs H Caffrey

Science Technicians

Mrs G Bhamra

Mrs L Fordham

Mrs I Everest

Mrs E Pope

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